Helping Mothers Overcome Perinatal Mental Health Disorders

Ivana Jagodic Meholick was pregnant with her second child when she suffered panic attacks about a potential miscarriage. But they […more…]

Postpartum Support Center

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Founder & Executive Director: Ivana Jagodic Meholick


Our mission is to provide a comprehensive support system and safe place for mothers/parents and families in need and to promote awareness and prevention of Perinatal Mental Health Disorders. We strive to bridge the perinatal mental health treatment gap by normalizing and destigmatizing these disorders. 

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PPCS was there for me when I felt I couldn’t talk about my daily struggles with anyone. I felt safe to share my private fears outside of my family circle and was comforted knowing that what I was experiencing is the norm for so many other new moms. PPCS was a lifeline when I was feeling like I couldn’t see past my anxiety and the ongoing support has given me the confidence I needed to realize that I’m not only good enough, but a great mom to my children.
Rachel from Novato,
mama of two

Critical Role for Communities

“As the first and only organization to provide peer-based maternal mental health support and Diaper Bank in Marin County, the Postpartum Support Center has grown to play a critical role in our communities’ maternal and family health, and safety net systems,” Meholick says. During the pandemic, PPSC has grown from serving 57 families to now serving close to 500 families a month.

Unfortunately the need for the services of the Postpartum Support Center grows. The pandemic and its restrictions and economic consequences have added to the anxiety of families. Women who are pregnant or have just given birth continue to need the support and resources that PPSC offers now more than ever.

We estimate it costs $500 to provide support services, including prevention, peer support, and referrals to resources, for a mother for one year. It costs $1,000 to ensure a baby has all the essentials they need for a year.

The Postpartum Support Center aims to raise $75,000 to allow us to provide services to 50 mothers for a year and baby essentials for 50 children a year.