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At Aurora Theatre Company’s Alafi Auditorium, no audience member is more than 15 feet away from the stage. They all […more…]

Aurora Theatre Company

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Development Director: Felicity Cowlin


As the storyteller for our community, Aurora Theatre Company inspires new audiences and longtime theatre lovers alike with the visceral power of live theatre. Our venues, the most intimate professional stages in the Bay Area, highlight great acting, nuanced language, and an immediacy that makes for exhilarating theatre. By telling deeply relevant stories, we’re building a new culture of theatregoing in the Bay Area and contributing to a revitalization of theatre nationwide, challenging all of us to think deeper, laugh louder, and engage more purposefully and profoundly with our neighbors and our world.

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Long ago, after attending Barbara Oliver’s reading of Dorothy Bryant’s “Dear Master (1990)” (which became the Aurora Theatre’s first production) at Cody’s Books, my husband and I became immediate Aurora supporters. Years later, I was thrilled to be able to invest my inheritance from my parents into their namesake “Nell & Jules Dashow Wing,” to honor them and to benefit the Aurora. Theater lovers love the Aurora because it’s simply the best.
Deborah Dashow Ruth, Donor

Help Sustain the Magic of Local Live Theatre

Your participation is essential. Contributing to Aurora means investing in an art form that explores the human experience, raises awareness through stories, and challenges us to engage more profoundly with our neighbors and our world.

•  $2.5 million to produce a season

•  Over 150 artists employed

•  An administrative staff of 15

•  Hundreds of volunteers

Located in Downtown Berkeley, Aurora’s potential reach and engagement of audiences goes beyond the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Your gift will have a lasting resonance.

Key Supporters

Gertrude Allen
City of Berkeley Civic Arts Program
George & Candy Hisert
Margaret & Matt Jacobson
Rosalind & Sung-Hou Kim
Ellen & Barry Levine
Luna Foundation
Craig & Kathy Moody
Thomas Edwards & Rebecca
Sally Shaver
The Shubert Foundation
Cindy & Stephen Snow
Harold & Mimi Steinberg
Charitable Trust
Patrick Laney & Kinman Tong
Tom & Amy Worth
Allison Teeman & Michael