Climate Rights International Demands Action to Protect People from Climate Change and Human RightsViolations

Before the pandemic, Brad Adams, then the executive director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia Division, would often drive his two […more…]

Climate Rights International

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Executive Director: Brad Adams


We want to build a world that protects people and the planet from climate change. We believe that progress on climate change cannot succeed without protecting human rights – and the fight for human rights cannot succeed without protecting our planet against climate change.

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As a long-term human rights donor and activist, I am thrilled that CRI is addressing a surprisingly overlooked aspect of the climate change crisis. While climate change is impacting all of us, it is disproportionately having devastating effects on the lives and livelihoods of the most vulnerable people on our planet. CRI takes the approach that people must be at the center of discussions and solutions to this existential crisis, while pressing governments to put people at the center of climate action, and companies to change the way they do business when it comes to deforestation and fossil fuel emissions. I proudly support CRI and hope you will, too.
Natasha Desterro Dolby, Philanthropist

Fighting for a Healthy Planet for All

“Climate change is the quintessential example of a problem in which we need to think locally and act globally – and at the same time think globally and act locally,” says Brad Adams, Executive Director at Climate Rights International (CRI) .

Your support will allow CRI to do the challenging work in the U.S. and abroad by funding critical field research projects and advocacy that have already contributed to new regulations on deforestation and supply chain management. 

Through careful, on-the ground research, the use of emerging technologies, high-level advocacy, support for strategic litigation and exposing violations through key media, CRI will pressure governments and companies to finally treat climate change as the urgent threat that it is. Each research project CRI undertakes costs at least $100,000. Your support will help them fight against climate change – and protect people and the planet. 

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