Bay Scholars Helps Underresourced Youth Reach Their Full Potential

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Bay Scholars

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Bay Scholars makes it possible for promising under-resourced students to receive an empowering, change-making education. We financially and personally support Bay Area families that cannot afford the high school education they want for their children.

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A family’s financial background should not determine a student’s academic success. With the support of partners like Bay Scholars, we prove every day that talented, tenacious students from diverse backgrounds can and do thrive when given the chance. Bay Scholars amplifies our work as educators dedicated to making our world a better place through transforming the hearts and minds of the next generation of leaders. We know that we are stronger together. We know that excellence does not just happen. It takes the continuous effort and support of a community of folks who are committed to providing access to the best for the young people who need it most. Our students deserve the extraordinary opportunities that our school provides, and our world deserves to know what our young leaders can do when we invest in them and believe in them. Thank you, Bay Scholars, for connecting talented students to transformational learning communities – this is how the world gets better.
Dr. Liz Guneratne
President of Moreau Catholic High School

Removing the Tuition Barrier for Exceptional Underserved Kids

The Bay Scholars model couldn’t be simpler: Connect great kids with great schools and make sure tuition is not a barrier. The organization gives out around $1.5 million a year in scholarships to cover the tuition not included in financial aid packages. The scholarships are made possible by private donations. 

$14,000 funds a student through the entire four years of the Bay Scholars program. 

$3,500 funds a student through one year of the program. 

100% of donations go directly to scholarships. 

“Bay Scholars has wonderfully talented kids who would not have been able to access the private college prep education that has set them on their path of success. Your generous contributions hold the power to open doors for deserving students across the Bay Area who will be supported by Bay Scholars,” Caitlin Curran Kavanagh, executive director, says.

Key Supporters

Cynthia and Gary Bengier
Isabel & BJ Cassin
Joe Cotchett
Dana Emery
Andrew Giacomini
Arlene Inch
Patricia and Michael Kelly
Erin Jaeb & Kevin Kelly
Julie LaNasa & John Kunzweiler
Connie and Robert Lurie
Joan and Bob McGrath
Outrageous Foundation
Marla Moresi-Valdes
Joanne Murphy
Dennis and Gloria O’Brien
Beth O’Callahan
John Osterweis
Janet & Clint Reilly
Larry Simi
Sue and John A. Sobrato
John M. Sobrato
Carol and Ned Spieker
Cissie Swig
Dianne and Tad Taube
Mary & Joseph Toboni
William and Gretchen
Kimball Foundation
Dede Wilsey