Stepping Up To Help Children Stay in Stable, Loving Homes

Elizabeth* received the heartbreaking call that no grandmother is prepared for: her daughter, Maria, was neglecting her six young children […more…]

Wayfinder Family Services

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Wayfinder Family Services ensures that children, youth and adults facing challenges always have a place to turn.

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I tell my grandkids, I am so blessed to have you with me, to see you at night when you’re sleepy. I get to cover you with a blanket and give you a kiss goodnight.
Elizabeth, Kinship Caregiver
(*Please note that names and minor details were changed to protect privacy.)

Change the Future for Children in Foster Care

There are more than 600,000 grandparents in California who are raising their grandchildren, more than anywhere else in the country, and the need is growing. Current research indicates that children placed with kin statistically have better employment and education outcomes as adults, more often avoiding homelessness, public assistance, and incarceration than their peers in traditional foster care. A donation of $1,000 supports Wayfinder’s kinship program to cover emergency essentials for a child newly placed in a relative’s care including clothing, furniture, and bedding, while $500 provides a gift card to grandparents or other kinship caregivers for food, gas, and clothing.

Key Supporters

Board of Directors:
Harold A. Davidson
Scott M. Farkas, Esq.
Erica Fernandez
Timothy E. Ford, Esq.
Robert D. Held
Steve L. Hernández, Esq.
Jonathan I. Macy, M.D.
Linda Myerson Dean
John Nicolaus
Glenn A. Sonnenberg
Fernando Villa, Esq.
Tara Voss
Elworth (Brent) Williams Jr.
Stevie Wonder
Community Council:
Suzi Bertino
Erica Fernandez
Lindsey Fudge
Jean Minton
John Nicolaus
Teri Renfrow
Anna San Juan
Dave Wraa