Doing the Hardest Jobs to Help California and Its Unhoused Residents

If you drive through the Tenderloin, a rough-and-tumble part of San Francisco where California’s income inequality gap is on full […more…]

Urban Alchemy

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Executive Director: Dr. Lena Miller


We aim to raise the vibrations in urban spaces – and save the lives of those who exist on their streets.

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I can leave here (Safe Sleep Neighborhood) for hours and not worry because I know [my personal property] is safe. I’m an artist and I draw and I paint, and I’ve been able to draw and paint a lot more since I’ve been here because I’m more relaxed here than I’ve been outside. The staff has been trained well, they’re always asking if we need anything and is everything okay, if they notice something they’ll come and say something to you about it.
David Martinez, guest

Ending Poverty in California is Going to Require Everyone to Pitch In

Urban Alchemy may be doing the work that cities need to give the unhoused safe alternatives to the street today, but its vision is to provide needed care in urban spaces across California and beyond. Through generous giving, Urban Alchemy is looking to: 

•Invest in employees: Create structures and supports for their physical and mental health, training, and advancement – to strengthen our services and further transform their lives

•Launch Urban Alchemy Academy: a new program that will expand upon the current training curriculum to offer tiers of advanced programming

•Invest in capacity: Build out our infrastructure to include a robust back office with a focus on business operations, impact measurement, and communications. 

•Invest in scaling: Refine and codify our model for replication into new geographies

Miller and her team are seeking $10.5 million in charitable donations and grants to ensure that they can meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Key Supporters

Darolyn Davis
Dion-Jay L. Brookter
Eric Rodenbeck
James Baskin
Keith Geeslin
Kenneth Rainin Foundation
Loretta Whittle
San Francisco Foundation
Tipping Point Community