Letting the Body Come to Life

Medicine often starts with a story. And the story Dr. Monique LeSarre tells about health and San Francisco’s African-American community […more…]

Rafiki Coalition for Health and Wellness

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Dr. Monique LeSarre


Rafiki Coalition’s mission is to eliminate health inequities in San Francisco’s Black and marginalized communities through education, advocacy, and by providing holistic health and wellness services in a culturally affirming environment.

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A Tech Solution to Promote Black Health and Wellness

Rafiki is seeking $20,000 dollars to develop and launch an app that creates one-stop shopping for users to search for, and then book, appointments. Designed with non-savvy tech users in mind, who might not be comfortable managing health care online, the app will also make it possible for people outside of San Francisco to more easily use Rafiki’s resources.

Rafiki is also looking to engage more African-American mental health clinicians, who can provide culturally-aligned services for communities that might not be well served by larger health systems not attuned to the particular issues affecting African Americans, or others marginalized by hospital or corporate medicine. 

Key Supporters

Reverend Dr. Carolyn Scott
Shanell Williams
Dr. Kim Rhodes
Dr. Joy DeGruy
Dr. May Elawar
Dr. Mark Gaines
Kevin Frankel,ESQ
Dr. Tung Nguyen
Lisa Williams
Shirley Strong
Kaiser Permanente
San Francisco Department
of Public Health
Homeless Children’s Network
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
SF Human Rights Commission
Mental Health Services Act
Collective Impact
Instituto Familiar de la Raza, Inc.
Bayview Hunters Point 3rd Street
Youth Center and Clinic
Mayor’s Office of Housing
and Community Development