Listening at the Speed of Trust
By Dan Schifrin   |   November 17, 2023

Pedro Arista, senior director at San Francisco’s Hirsch Philanthropy Partners, has a saying: “Collaboration moves at the speed of trust.” […more…]

Sparks Charts Justice-Charged Path for Masto Foundation
By Dan Schifrin   |   November 1, 2021

In 1942, Harry and Masie Masto – along with more than 110,000 Japanese Americans – were sent to a World […more…]

Come to the Conversation Curious
By Dan Schifrin   |   November 1, 2021

“Come to the conversation curious.” If Emily Scott has a mantra, this is it. No matter what she is doing, […more…]

Using ‘Whatever Leverage’ She Has to Help Vulnerable Youth
By Dan Schifrin   |   November 1, 2021

After 40 years of leading organizations dedicated to stopping domestic violence and supporting imperiled youth, JaMel Perkins knows a thing […more…]

Philanthropy Made Big Changes. Will They Stick?
By Dan Schifrin   |   November 1, 2021

Pandemic. Political and economic instability. A generational reckoning with racism. In the wake of the double blow of COVID-19 and […more…]