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ACCESS U Helps Youth Find Academic Success Access U Foundation

ACCESS U Foundation’s co-founders, Brad Rothenberg and Joaquín Escoto, ran a successful for-profit youth soccer company for nearly twenty years, […more…]

Spirit of Giving: A Special Night of Giving and Gratitude Access U Foundation

ACCESS U Foundation celebrated the end of 2023 with a special night of giving and gratitude at its first-ever public […more…]

Making College Dreams Come True for Underserved, Talented Student-Athletes Access U Foundation

Julie López played soccer for as long as she can remember. Growing up in a family of seven in Sylmar […more…]

Providing Underserved Youth With Pathways to Opportunity

It’s a cold, unfortunate fact that while growing into adulthood, a teenager’s success can be highly dependent on their financial situation. In 2022, as pandemic-related safety net measures came to a close, California saw its child poverty rate for children under 18 years old jump from 7.5% to nearly 17%, the state’s largest increase in 50 years. As these anti-poverty policies recede, teenagers and young adults across the state are caught in limbo during a pivotal moment in their lives.  While the grip of childhood poverty can sometimes be too strong to escape, the key to loosening that grip is [...more...]