Building Pathways to Prosperity

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United Way Bay Area

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Vice President, Development: Carolina Martin


UWBA mobilizes the Bay Area to dismantle the root causes of poverty and build equitable pathways to prosperity. Through initiatives and policy change, we provide immediate and long-term support for employment, housing, financial stability, and meeting basic needs.

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Things are never smooth and easy. There’s always a challenge and always a need for leadership. You learn about the different communities within your city, and you learn about the needs of other people. So, it’s a learning process for yourself as well.
Adele Corvin, One of United Way Bay Area’s longest supporting donors, a native San Franciscan, and founding member of the Tocqueville Society

Alleviate the Root Causes of Poverty in the Bay Area

United Way Bay Area is asking for your help to build a more equitable future, but they are also asking for your help to build a more equitable NOW. The insight data has demonstrated a true need among Bay Area residents. 

As a donor, you have the opportunity to alleviate the root causes of poverty and help the people around you build pathways to prosperity.  

United Way Bay Area is seeking your help to fund their portfolio of poverty-fighting programs, which provided over 5 million meals, serviced nearly 50,000 calls for assistance, and assisted over 6,100 individuals with shelter in the past year. Join the United Way Bay Area donor list today to bolster this essential community support. 

Key Supporters

Wells Fargo
Dodge & Cox
Ernst & Young
Sandia National Labs
US Bank