“It’s college affordability that keeps me up at night”

Meredith Curry is a veteran in the field of college access, having advised and led student-support organizations throughout California. Over […more…]

Northern California Promise Coalition

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Executive Director: Meredith Curry


Founded in November 2019, the Northern California College Promise Coalition (NCCPC) is a regional effort to bring together leaders, practitioners and resources and share leadership over the shape of college success efforts in the region.

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Let’s Go to College Bay Area

One of the coalition’s goals for 2022 is to create a student-led virtual platform called Let’s Go to College Bay Area, based on a successful program in Southern California linking students with their peers. 

The program will not only offer space for students to ask questions of trusted peers, but offer one-stop shopping for college access and success content, basic needs resources, and scholarships and internships – funding that is especially important for the 45% of students who have to work half-time while taking a full load of classes. 

The Coalition is looking for $25,000 to bring the program online while also developing a cohort of students’ skills to manage the virtual platform, write content for students by students, and promote Let’s Go To College Bay Area to high school and college students across the Bay Area.