Building a Bay Area Movement for Social Change

Theo Ellington grew up in San Francisco’s Bayview-Hunters Point Neighborhood in the 1990s and 2000s. Then and now it remains […more…]

Black Citizen

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Co-Founder: Theo Ellington
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Black Citizen was born out of a desire to attain justice and equality for Black people living in the Bay Area. We are a social impact startup whose mission is to create impactful change and to transform the way we react and respond to concerns facing Black communities. Black Citizen invests in community-led initiatives and small non-profit organizations that empower Black lives by harnessing the energy and urgency of today’s social justice movements to create, scale, and sustain social and economic power to advance Black lives in Bay Area communities.

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I was struggling with what to do, how to respond, and where my place was in America as a Black man. My first response was to write an open letter to my son. The gist of that letter was to urge Lennox, to never apologize for who you are and to wear your Blackness proud.
Theo Ellington
Black Citizen, co-Founder

Build a Movement of Changemakers in the Bay Area

Black Citizen is dedicated to training young community organizers and facilitating movement building and social change throughout the Bay Area.
With additional fundraising, Ellington hopes to hire five organizers and provide them with professional leadership coaching.
“If we set up this mechanism right,” says Ellington, “these organizers will be the next leaders of the high-profile projects and orgs we will see in the headlines.”
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