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‘You’re Not Going To Be a Philanthropist Forever’

It can be argued that philanthropy swears too much allegiance to the idea of perpetuity. That the charitable foundations bearing the names of those who have done well, and were generous with their wealth, should become living legacies.  This ethos denies what one Silicon Valley philanthropist – Kathy Kwan – recognized early: that today’s pressing challenges require charitable giving to exceed what the tax code requires, and that, as Kwan says, “perpetuity doesn’t really make sense.” “I would love to see more philanthropic spend because if you look at the amount of money that is currently caught up in the [...more...]

Mentors 4 College Kicks Off “Diversity 1000” Expansion Program Mentors 4 College

Mentors 4 College, a unique, one-to-one college mentoring program for high school students and their parents, announced today that it […more…]

CEID Expands Access to Family Signing Exact English (See) Classes Center for Early Intervention on Deafness

The lingering COVID-19 pandemic has required agencies across the health care spectrum to review their service-delivery models to ensure they […more…]

“It’s college affordability that keeps me up at night” Northern California Promise Coalition

Meredith Curry is a veteran in the field of college access, having advised and led student-support organizations throughout California. Over […more…]

Bringing Students’ Potential into Focus Vision to Learn

For underperforming public schools across the country, the myriad challenges are plain to see. Too often, for students in those […more…]

‘Navigational Capital’ Students Rising Above

Veronica Toscano has overcome tremendous obstacles, regularly facing poverty and violence throughout her childhood in the South Bay. Her family […more…]

Getting into the Ideal College: A Reality for Everyone Mentors 4 College

Anne was a senior at Hollywood High School hoping to become a veterinarian. But the daughter of a single mom […more…]

Communicate with Joy Center for Early Intervention on Deafness

Executive Director Cindy Dickeson and her team see it all the time. Parents walk through the doors of CEID, the […more…]