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Dispensing Arts to Heal Society

Artists, storytellers, teachers, and community leaders have long understood the power of art and story to transform individual lives, as well as society at large. From ancient times, and in cultures around the world, music, poetry, and dance were prescribed as medicine, and were viewed as fundamental to the healthy working of body, mind, and community. A proud Creativity Explored artist sharing their talent with the world. For the last few generations in the United States, perhaps going back to the Russian launch of the Sputnik Rocket in 1957, public support of art and culture has faltered, replaced by an [...more...]

Yeah, Art! Students Featured on NBC’s “Play It Forward” Yeah, Art!

Yeah, Art! is proud to be one of the featured nonprofits alongside Youth UpRising on NBC’s docuseries “Play It Forward,” featuring the […more…]

Helping Underserved Students Thrive Through Arts Classes That Reflect Their Reality Yeah, Art!

“You can’t be what you can’t see.” This quote from civil rights activist Marian Wright Edelman is the guiding force […more…]