‘Let the Youth Lead’

In 2005, Napa County officials came to On The Move, a local nonprofit, desperate to move the needle on positive […more…]

VOICES of Napa

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Director of VOICES: Amber Twitchell


VOICES recognizes that youth are not only recipients of social services, they are also active leaders in supporting their peers, guiding the evolving vision of program delivery at each site, conducting capacity building to enable growing numbers of social service agencies to become “youth-friendly,” and advocating to the community at large to listen and respond to youth voice. VOICES’ one-of-a-kind Youth-Engagement Model provides evidence of past experience and expertise related to developing program activities and goals. The Model focuses on empowering each youth, integrating resources and services, and working with the entire community to address the barriers that youth face as they leave systems of care.

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When I was 16, I was placed in foster care in a group home in Stockton, where I knew no one and was all alone. After months of despair, I got a call from VOICES, which supported me in my return to Napa, helped me register for classes, and provided me with guidance and support at a time I had none. Their support helped me graduate from UC Berkeley with a degree in social welfare. I have supported the work of VOICES whenever I can, including becoming a board member for VOICES’ parent organization, On The Move.
Alex Tavizon

The Comforts of Home

VOICES can help support our community’s emerging leaders, among whom are current and former homeless and foster youth, in ways large and small:

• Conversation and mentorship: When responsible adults take time to offer our youth the benefits of their insights and experiences, new worlds open for them. Learning how the business world works, or how to repair a toilet, or even how to cook are valuable gifts to youth who may not have access to these kinds of skills and experiences.

• The comforts of home: Many of our youth, because they move around constantly or live in group homes, don’t have basic furniture or dishes or books. If you are moving, or downsizing your home, VOICES might have a need for many of the items that might not otherwise seem valuable.

• A home in their own community: Systemic change is necessary to help all of our youth find safe and affordable places to live. VOICES is looking for transformational gifts to create a local center for living and services so current and emancipated foster youth can live in safety in their home communities.

Key Supporters

Walter S. Johnson Foundation
May & Stanley Smith Charitable Fund
Meyer Family Fund
Shafer Vineyards
Libby Shafer
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Susan Johnson
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Mike and Gail Forte
North Napa Rotary
Junior League of Napa-Sonoma
Napa Valley Community Foundation
Community Foundation Sonoma County
Solano County Community Foundation
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
Mary’s Pizza Shack