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The year was 2003, and the philanthropic sector was going through a period of significant evolution. Every day, new technologies […more…]

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Change starts with individuals. Whether you’ve been a donor for years, or are just starting on your philanthropic journey, you need up-to-date information to help you make informed decisions about your giving. Stanford Social Innovation Review provides readers with the latest research and practice on social issues and solutions, giving you the tools you need to be a better partner in social change. With a cross-sector approach that includes perspectives from philanthropists, foundations, nonprofits, social enterprises, government, business, and academia, SSIR is the preeminent global publication for anyone looking to be more effective and efficient in helping to support positive change.
Editor-in-Chief: Eric Nee


SSIR’s mission is to advance, educate, and inspire the field of social innovation by seeking out, cultivating, and disseminating the best in research- and practice-based knowledge.

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Individuals are the backbone of the philanthropic and nonprofit world… people who are willing to give of their time, talent, and treasure to make things better! SSIR’s job is to help provide people with the insights and inspiration they need to be more effective, and realize the change they hope to see in the world.
Michael Gordon Voss
Publisher, Stanford Social Innovation Review