CASA of San Mateo County Provides a Safety Net for Foster Youth

By Giving List Staff   |   November 17, 2023

When Alyssa was 15, she came under court protection due to physical abuse. In the foster system, she endured 17 different living situations in six years, understandably facing significant mental health challenges throughout her youth. 

Thankfully, with the help of CASA of San Mateo County, Alyssa didn’t have to face this alone. CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) is a nonprofit organization that trains volunteers to advocate for young people in the foster care and juvenile justice systems. In addition to their courtroom advocacy work, volunteers also serve as mentors, spending time with their CASA young person each week to provide fun activities and emotional support. 

Nkia Richardson, Executive Director of CASA of San Mateo County, describes CASA’s work as “creating space where young people feel seen and heard. It lets them know that they have someone in their corner.” 

Richardson joined CASA of San Mateo after years of practicing in Los Angeles’ dependency court. Coming from a family that itself welcomed foster kids, she has long understood the value of the kinds of support CASA volunteers often provide – a net for youth who might normally “fall through the cracks.” 

Daria, the CASA volunteer assigned to Alyssa, changed the trajectory of her life. They first connected over a shared love of animals and volunteered together at animal shelters. Daria brought a consistency to Alyssa’s life that had been previously lacking as the pair faced Alyssa’s life challenges together. When Alyssa became pregnant at 17, Daria took her to medical appointments, accompanied her on visits to the ER, signed her up for prenatal classes and, after the birth of her baby, encouraged her to complete high school. 

Now an adult, Alyssa appreciates the far-reaching benefits of her experience with CASA. She says, “A CASA volunteer is someone who comes into your life, who wants to help you with your goals, your education, your coping skills, and your mental health. You can depend on this person; they’re taking their time to be in someone else’s life.”

Alyssa is now a certified nail technician and is looking to start her own business to support herself and her daughter. Through her connection to Daria, Alyssa has learned a lot about healthy relationships and is beginning to build a loving home for her own family. Daria is also part of that community, as Alyssa considers her not only a friend and mentor, but family. 


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CASA of San Mateo County pairs children in the foster care and juvenile justice systems with community volunteers who provide one-on-one support, mentoring and advocacy in the courtroom and beyond. Our caring and dedicated CASA volunteers help children heal from trauma and access the services they need to thrive.

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I’ve never been close to anyone before, and my CASA is the first person I’ve let get close to me. That’s what I like, that our relationship can be honest. [My CASA] can tell me how it is: ‘You kind of messed up on that part, but you can do better next time.’
Jeremy, CASA Teen

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