Everyone Deserves to Live with Dignity and Respect

By Giving List Staff   |   June 30, 2023

Income inequality in Marin is among the highest in the nation, and race plays a large role in who is well off and who is not. 95% of Black households and 73% of Latinx households in Marin are struggling to make ends meet compared to 29% of white households.

Almost a third of Marin residents live paycheck to paycheck, just to meet basic needs. With no savings to fall back on to fix a car, recuperate from illness or accidents, or find new housing or work, many are forced to make difficult choices— sometimes between putting food on the table for their families or paying rent.

The challenge before us is to meet the most basic of needs for all residents by providing a safety net for those most vulnerable, while also supporting individual hopes and dreams starting with early education, workforce development, and job opportunities that provide a
foundation for all to thrive. We must also come together in community; a diverse array of voices raised together to create and advance public policies that achieve justice and equity for all of us.

Join us and be part of a better future for all of us in Marin. Visit our website to get involved or donate today. To learn more about what your gift can do, download our Step up for Marin brochure.


Community Action Marin

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415 526-7511
CEO: Chandra Alexandre, Ph.D.


We make it possible for people to achieve wellbeing by providing the education, mental health, and vital services they need. Together, we break down the barriers that get in the way of fair and lasting change in service to better outcomes for all.

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I’ve seen how Community Action Marin has strengthened advocacy to help keep people housed and safe during the pandemic. They have taken on challenges no one else could sustain through homeless outreach, mental health, and basic needs. As a neighbor in Marin, I’m so proud to stand with Chandra and Community Action Marin in the work of achieving AN EQUITABLE RECOVERY.”
Isabel Allende
Author & Philanthropist

Aid the Fight for Racial and Economic Justice

By giving to Community Action Marin, donors will make an equitable pandemic recovery possible. 

•$250 gives preschool children a new learning garden with seeds and digging tools.

• $500 helps a teacher get a professional training and wellness day.

•$1,000 ensures that safety net services get to the hardest-to-reach people.

•$5,000 supports civic engagement and advocacy efforts for racial justice.

Give to the Step Up Community Fund and see your dollars help people and change lives!

Key Supporters

California Department of Education
County of Marin
U.S Department of Health and Human Services (including Head Start/Early Head Start)
$100,000 TO $999,999 DONORS:
Anonymous donor
Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund
Marin Community Foundation
United Way Bay Area
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Roger Crawford
Christopher Carey
Mary Donovan
Jeff Babcock
Maria Frias
Meredith Parnell
Tony Psychoyos
Jennifer McInnis
Samantha Ramirez
Violeta Krasnic
Tonya Newstetter
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