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By Giving List Staff   |   November 18, 2022
After the Buffalo and Uvalde mass shootings in May 2022, Brady's Team ENOUGH youth movement and fed up citizens across the country coordinated school walkouts and protests advocating for Congress to act on gun violence prevention.

In contemplating the scope and destruction wrought by gun violence, it is understandable to despair. But inaction won’t save your family and neighbors. 

“We are fighting against this notion that the NRA wants everyone to believe, which is that this is hopeless,” says Kris Brown, president of Brady, a national leader in ending gun violence. “When I am asked, ‘Why should I get engaged? Why should I get involved?’ The answer is simple: there’s no other choice.” 

Congress passed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act in June 2022. This law strengthens background checks for 18 to 21 year olds, provides funds for states to raise awareness about ‘extreme risk’ laws and closes the ‘boyfriend loophole’ among other reforms. This was the first federal gun violence prevention law to pass in 30 years.

Since 1974, Brady has enacted solutions through litigation, legislation, and educational efforts to give Americans hope in the face of a deepening crisis. 

One key way Brady is saving lives is through its national PSA campaign, End Family Fire, which alerts gun owners that lives could be saved if firearms are stored safely.

Roughly 76% of school shooters, under the age of 18, used a gun from their home or the home of a relative or friend. And an unlocked gun in the home increases the risk of death from suicide by 300%. 

Despite these harrowing statistics, 63% of Americans believe that guns make households safer and more than half of all gun owners store at least one gun without any locks or other safe storage measures.

Brady knows safe storage saves lives. End Family Fire is successfully encouraging the safe storage of guns to prevent the unintentional shooting of children, mass shootings, and gun suicide. 

With generous support, Brady leverages each donor dollar 5 to 1 with pro-bono advertising investment. Across all media platforms, Brady is able to target specific groups, such as Black teenage girls who are disproportionately affected by gun-inflicted suicide, to stop this preventable carnage. 

Gun owners who saw the ads were 400% more likely to seek out information about safe storage and 250% more likely to report talking to their family and friends about safe gun storage. 

Most importantly, 48% of gun owners who saw the ads changed how or where they keep their firearms and stored them in a safer manner – a critical first step to ending the ravages of gun violence.  


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As a gun violence survivor whose dad was killed by a gun, as a dad myself, and as an American, I believe in Brady and the survivors who lead it. They’re the ‘coach’ our team needs to win against the gun lobby. And with Brady’s life-saving programs like End Family Fire on the line, we need you to get off the sidelines and help us save lives.
Steve Kerr, Nine-time NBA Champion and Coach of The Golden State Warriors

Help End Unsecured Storage of Guns and Save Lives
Brady is raising $1,000,000 to expand our life-saving End Family Fire campaign to reduce preventable deaths and injuries from unsecured firearms in the home.

With your support, we will release new End Family Fire materials focused on preventing unwanted firearm access; expand messaging to talk about the preventable tragedies that result from unsecured firearms, such as school shootings; partner with influencers in communities disproportionately impacted by family fire, such as young Black men, seniors, and veterans, to create targeted content for distribution; build new partnerships with educational, healthcare, and parental organizations to reach a broader audience with our life-saving messaging; and expand our first state-based pilot End Family Fire program in Missouri, which is gathering critical information to inform targeted campaign efforts elsewhere. As firearm suicide makes up two-thirds of all gun deaths, End Family Fire will continue to prioritize our suicide prevention efforts through the release of new content. 

Nearly half of all gun owners changed how or where they kept their firearms after learning about End Family Fire. With your support, we can reach more gun owners and impacted families to reduce preventable deaths – and save more lives.

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