Giving San Francisco’s Unhoused Youth and Young Adults a Chance to Thrive

By Giving List Staff   |   November 18, 2022
Founded in 1987, At The Crossroads is celebrating its 25th anniversary! ATC has worked with over 8,000 people experiencing homelessness across San Francisco. Our services have expanded and evolved over the years, but they have always been centered around the needs of each individual client.

25 years of unconditional support. 25 years of long-term relationships. 25 years of never kicking anyone out of their program.

“We’re one of the very few organizations that really has a stated mission of meeting people exactly where they are and not providing an obstacle course to get help,” says Executive Director Artavia Berry. “All you need to do is say hello and we can go have a meal together.”

What started as a grassroots movement with co-founders Rob Gitin and Taj Mustapha handing out supplies to unhoused people on the streets of San Francisco has grown into a holistic program that helps their young unhoused clients with whatever they need, no strings attached. That could be as simple as a sandwich given out on the street to more complex services, like mental health counseling or help with enrolling in school or regaining custody of a child. 

ATC carefully ensures that all counselors center compassion and empathy in their interactions with clients, whether on outreach or in 1:1 sessions.

“We ask, what kind of help do you want from us? What kind of support would you like? We approach each person with compassion, we respect their individual journey, and we’ve found that has been most empowering to the people we work with.” Berry says.

At The Crossroads (ATC) serves individuals that are often disconnected from support that could make their lives healthier and more stable. They might have been kicked out of other programs, or maybe they distrust service providers, often for good reason. But once they get involved with At The Crossroads, many of them stick around. Over 70% of the clients ATC works with have been with them for three-plus years.

Take one young man who came to ATC at 18. It took five years for him to find housing as he cycled in and out of the carceral system, but finally, at 23, he had a home to call his own. Soon after, he was able to enroll in school. This momentum and added stability gave him the foundation to find full-time employment. This is what success looks like at ATC. 

“It’s not that when someone gets housed, they’re at the finish line,” says Program Director Demaree Miller. “The harder part is maintaining your housing and building through the hierarchy of needs until you get to self-actualization. Let’s figure out what we can do not just to help them succeed, but to thrive.” 


At the Crossroads

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Executive Director: Artavia Berry


At The Crossroads reaches out to homeless youth and young adults at their point of need, and works with them to build healthy and fulfilling lives. By bringing our services directly onto the streets, we cultivate long-term, unconditional relationships with young people who would otherwise be disconnected from consistent support.

We empower our clients to accomplish their individual goals, build community, pursue their passions, and find their own paths to happiness and stability. We believe that there are no limits to what our clients can achieve, and that everyone deserves the chance to build an outstanding life.

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“The Five Bridges Foundation provides financial and consultative support to nonprofit organizations in the Bay Area who have a core mission of supporting TAY youth. We have partnered with ATC for over a decade as they have shown their unwavering commitment to helping the most vulnerable and at-risk segment of this population. Their commitment to meeting their clients ‘where they are’ and to truly cultivating personal connections that let the individuals know they are heard, valued, and have an advocate in their corner is, we believe, the first and most crucial step towards positive outcomes. We are excited and proud to continue our partnership in the years to come.”
Chuck Kallgren, President, Five Bridges Foundation

Help Young People Find Housing — And Thrive in Life!

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, At The Crossroads is raising $25,000! This support will be earmarked for new client centered solutions and to expand to new outreach routes.

ATC clients shared their own ideas and solutions for homelessness during a special focus group this year. With your support, ATC will pilot two of their ideas in 2023, further centering client voices in their work.

As they walked their traditional routes, ATC Outreach Counselors noticed the pandemic displaced many people into different areas of the city. With your support, in 2023 ATC will explore and expand to new outreach routes.

Due to the many obstacles that come along with government funding, ATC focuses primarily on donors like you to support their unique approach. In fact, only 6% of their $1.2M budget comes from the government. This allows them to keep their services individualized and client centered; and also allows them to focus on partnering with community members like you to solve homelessness with compassion.

Your support this year will help build a Bay Area where our unhoused neighbors have the support they need to thrive.

Key Supporters

Charlotte Johnson
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The Moca Foundation
Five Bridges Foundation
Matthews Asia
Bella Vista Foundation
Hellman Foundation
Full Circle Fund
Illinois No. 3 Foundation