A Home Within Invites You to Our Next Continuing Education Event 

By Giving List Staff   |   May 10, 2022
Monique B. Mitchell, PhD, FT

Please join us for our next free Continuing Education event!

Did you know that when you volunteer with A Home Within you gain free access to our Continuing Education events? If you are a licensed therapist who’s interested in making a lasting impact on your community, we hope you’ll consider volunteering with A Home Within! 

We are a nationwide network of therapists who each provide free, weekly, one-to-one therapy to a single youth in foster care, “for as long as it takes.” Our volunteers address the trauma and disruption inherent to foster care, help youth manage stress and anxiety, and develop the inner tools they need to become healthy adults. In exchange, our volunteers receive access to consultation groups, free CE credits, and join a nationwide network of peers. Over the past two years there’s been an overwhelming collective experience of grief and loss  — for current and former youth in foster care, experiences with ambiguous loss are undoubtedly familiar.  Clinicians working with these young people can enhance and deepen their work by understanding ambiguous loss and how to best address it in therapy.

Dr. Pauline Boss and Dr. Monique Mitchell will join us on Monday, May 23rd, from 10am-12pm PT to offer an important and timely workshop, Therapeutic Interventions for Ambiguous Loss and Grief Among Youth in Foster Care. Click here to register!

Pauline Boss, PhD

In this workshop, Drs. Boss and Mitchell will define ambiguous loss and explore its potential effects. Participants will learn how to apply both/and thinking in order to manage the stress associated with ambiguous loss, and will also learn about the six domains of ambiguity that former and current youth in foster care frequently experience. Finally, the speakers will provide examples of therapeutic approaches to address grief and grieving among former and current  youth in foster care.

Dr. Boss is well known for her pioneering work on ambiguous loss—clearly relevant to young people’s experience of the pandemic. Dr. Boss and her teachings have recently been featured in the press, including the December New York Times Magazine article “What If There’s No Such Thing As Closure?”

Dr. Mitchell is the Director of Training and Translational Research at Dougy Center and a recognized expert on grief and loss, particularly among foster youth and their families. Her recent publications include a book chapter on “Non Finite and Cumulative Loss in Foster Care,” and the position paper, “Becoming Grief Informed: A Call to Action.”

Particularly given the many losses and challenges of the past two years, the perspectives and insights of Drs. Boss and Mitchell will be invaluable. 

All are welcome. LCSWs can earn 2 CEs for attending the workshop.  

We can’t wait to see you there!


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With a mission to create and support lasting, caring relationships for children and youth in foster care, A Home Within identifies, recruits, trains, and supports a network of licensed therapists who each provide free, weekly, one-to-one therapy to a single foster youth “for as long as it takes.” For foster youth who often watch people move in and out of their lives, our model creates an anchor of support.

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When I became an AHW volunteer, I had lingering doubts — I wondered if my contribution was actually necessary or impactful. Now, I have discovered working outside of the mental health system liberates and expands my ability to provide health care rather than focus primarily on symptom reduction for financial reimbursement. Contributing and responding to a new health care model has inspired and revealed the benefits of whole person interventions.
Candice Simonds, AHW Chief Program Officer & Volunteer

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In celebration of the upcoming 30th anniversary of the founding of A Home Within, the organization seeks to raise $300,000 to help secure decades more free high-quality therapy for foster youth. 

The funding will allow the nonprofit to expand its community of therapists even further while also investing in a diverse mental health workforce by offering more training and mentorship for early-career therapists of color. 

“We need your support to have another extraordinary 30 years and help thousands more foster youth,” says Executive Director Reed Connell.

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