#MatchedinMay is Here!

By Giving List Staff   |   May 4, 2022

May is National Foster Care Month, and during May, your donations up to $40,000 will be doubled. It’s the largest match we’ve ever had on the table for Matched in May!

This year’s national theme is Relative & Kin Connections: Keeping Families Strong. This May, and every day, EBCLO salutes the aunts, uncles, siblings, grandparents, cousins, friends and neighbors who rally when children need them most. We fought alongside one such grandma for more than two years at more than 70 hearings so she could raise her twin grandbabies. We lost in court, but when their foster mother changed her mind several months later, the twins finally moved to their grandma’s and are now thriving in her care. Join our team to keep families strong and donate today!

Watch EBCLO Matched in May 2022 from East Bay Children’s Law Offices on Vimeo!

Other Ways You Can Learn More and Support Youth in Foster Care During Foster Care Month and Always!

If you have a few minutes:

  • Shop for culturally relevant and foster care related books for our clients from our wish lists.
  • Follow EBCLO on Facebook and Instagram and then follow organizations we follow to stay informed.
  • Champion legislation that benefits youth aging out of the system by writing a support letter for AB 2189 which requires Social Services Agencies to make active efforts to make sure youth have stable housing before aging out.
  • Watch the 30 minute documentary Unadopted about Noel Anaya’s exploration of his childhood in foster care.

If you have a few hours:

  • Volunteer to bake cakes for children in foster care with Cakes4Kids!
  • Are you a caregiver? Join EBCLO & Parents and Caregivers for Wellness at the Capitol on May 17 to advocate for increased access to mental health services at school. Register here.

If you have more time:


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The Mission of East Bay Children’s Law Offices is to protect and defend the rights of children and youth through holistic, vigorous legal advocacy. EBCLO strives to provide a voice for children in and out of the courtroom and to promote positive outcomes for them.

Begin to Build a Relationship

We know you care about where your money goes and how it is used. Connect with this organization’s leadership in order to begin to build this important relationship. Your email will be sent directly to this organization’s Director of Development and/or Executive Director.

“The value of having a lawyer is having someone by your side who can advocate for you in court when you may feel uneasy talking in front of a lot of people about your case. They can also let your team know about your goals and any bumps in the road you might face. Sometimes lawyers even keep in touch years later to provide support or be someone to talk to.”
Autumn Badheartbull-Clark
EBCLO Youth Voices Group
Former EBCLO Client

Help Provide a Voice for Children

East Bay Children’s Law Offices protects and defends the rights of children and youth through holistic, vigorous legal advocacy. Your donations can help us provide a voice for children in and out of the courtroom and to promote positive outcomes for them.

•$5,000 can fund surveying 200 clients so their lived experiences can guide our vigorous advocacy.

•$2,500 ensures 12 foster youth have uniquely tailored education plans at school.

•$1,000 means immediate intervention and visits to five youth in juvenile hall.

•$500 can fund a year’s worth of fidget toys, coloring books, and snacks at the courthouse to reduce the traumatic experience of court.

•$100 can fund a roundtrip visit to one of the 46% of our clients who live outside the county.

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